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Fantasy Football: Which Houston Texans Should You Start Or Sit?

Although the Houston Texans don't open their regular season until Monday night, you'll have to set your fantasy football lineup before then. Which Texans should you be starting or sitting for Week One of the 2013 regular season?

Start this man.  Always.
Start this man. Always.
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One Texans fan's thoughts as to which players wearing steel blue, battle red, and liberty white you should start for your fantasy football team for Week One, when the good guys will travel to San Diego to take on the Chargers on Monday Night Football...

Andre Johnson: He's one of the best wide receivers in the game. Next.

Arian Foster: I know, I know. He's not likely to get the full workload we're used to seeing from Arian Foster. Still, he's going to get carries, and it's not out of line to think he'll find the end zone, even in somewhat limited action. You know Arian's going to want to silence the critics, particularly in his homecoming.

Ben Tate: Depending on my other options, I'd consider rolling the dice on starting Tate as a flex play this week. If he doesn't get the lion's share of the carries, he should approach 50% of the workload. The Chargers' defense is not expected to be the new millennium's version of the 1985 Chicago Bears, Tate's healthy, and Arian is unlikely to get his typical glut of work. Starting Tate this week is a risk I'd be comfortable taking.

Owen Daniels: If he's on your team, you probably drafted him to be your starting tight end. So start him. Sometimes it's that easy.

Houston Defense: Perhaps the 2013 San Diego Chargers will shock us all and unveil an explosive offense that will echo through the annals of football history. Or maybe J.J. Watt, Brian Cushing, & Co. will destroy everything in their path, taking advantage of a subpar offensive line, a weak receiving corps, and a questionable running attack. Personally, I believe the latter has a better chance of happening.

Matt Schaub: This isn't to say Schaub won't post decent numbers; I reckon he will. But if you have a better option (and you probably do, unless you're in a 14 team league or something), I'd use it.

DeAndre Hopkins: Yes, Nuk is cleared to play on Monday night. He's also a rookie wide receiver, which means you should wait to see him produce before you begin starting him. I imagine you have better fantasy options than Hopkins right now. He may become a legitimate fantasy starter this season, but I wouldn't run him out there for Week One.

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