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Houston Texans-San Diego Chargers Week One Infographic: Watt Fully Charged For Season Opener

Let's take a look a history between the Chargers and Texans in graphics form.

Damn Bud Selig for moving the Astros Texans to the American League West. Damn him for making Houston play a game two time zones away. (Tim whispers in my ear) The Texans are in double-header on Monday night? They haven't been moved to the A.L. West? The Astros have warped my mind, you say? Chris Berman is calling the game and he has full reign to say "San Diego Super Chargers" as much as he wants? Now you're just talking crazy.

Moving on to the graphic you see below, this is just the first of hopefully 19 sets of pre-game and post-game infographics. At this time, I would like to ask you, the BRB readers: What you would like to see in these infographics going forward?

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