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Texans/Chargers Game Day Thread Part Two

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More Texans football coming up right here. Take the party over here.

The bright least so far.
The bright least so far.
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODA

So Matt Schaub threw an interception on his very first pass.  So on the Chargers' first pass went for a touchdown.

At least they got it out of the way early, and the offense is finally settling down as evidenced by the 71 yard march downfield for a score by Owen Daniels.

My fantasy team thanks you for throwing to him, Schaub.

Now if only we could get someone to cover in the middle, that would be lovely; what would also be lovely is if the ref didn't call crap penalties for uncatchable balls.

More football to follow.  I missed this...a lot.  I'd feel terrible for someone who might be boycotting this game for whatever reason.