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2014 NFL Bracketology: Day 3

The number of teams left have now dwindled down to eight. Stop by to see the results from yesterday and vote for who makes it into Lombardi's Last Four.

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As I said yesterday, I am not going to bore everyone with meaningless fluff. Have a happy New Year's today and enjoy yourself doing whatever it is that you are doing. Here are the results from Round Two, and below are all the links you need for round three.

West Region

1.) Seattle Seahawks 100%

5.) St. Louis Rams 0%

2.) Indianapolis Colts 26.92%

3.) Arizona Cardinals 73.08%

East Region

1.) New England Patriots 88.46%

4.) Chicago Bears 11.54%

2.) Cincinnati Bengals 26.92%

3.) San Francisco 49ers 73.08%

North Division

1.) Denver Broncos 96.15%

5.) Miami Dolphins 3.85%

2.) Green Bay Packers 42.31%

3.) Kansas City Chiefs 57.69%

South Region

1.) Carolina Panthers 92.31%

4.) San Diego Chargers 7.69%

2.) Philadelphia Eagles 23.08%

3.) New Orleans Saints 76.92%

Here are the matchups for round three:

West Region

1.) Seattle Sehawks

3.) Arizona Cardinals

East Region

1.) New England Patriots

3.) San Francisco 49ers

North Region:

1.) Denver Broncos

3.) Kansas City Chiefs

South Region

1.) Carolina Panthers

3.) New Orleans Saints

Here is the link to the bracket.

Here is the link to make your picks.

Check back at lunch tomorrow for today's results and picks for Lombardi's Last Four.