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AFC Divisional Round Game Open Thread: Colts v. Patriots

Join the conversation in Battle Red Blog's live open thread for the first AFC Divisional Round Game of 2014 between the Indianapolis Colts and the New England Patriots.

We got ourselves our very own (former) Patriot named Bill now.
We got ourselves our very own (former) Patriot named Bill now.
Al Bello

Seeing as how Bill O'Brien's staff in Houston could have a distinct New England flavor, rooting for the Patriots this evening kind of makes sense.

In fact, if you drink enough, you might be able to convince yourself that the Texans are actually playing tonight! Of course, then you'd remember that it was a divisional playoff game, so even if the Texans were playing, they'd lose. To the Patriots, probably. Good thing we don't have to concern ourselves with silly things like the playoffs! Everyone knows the real action is with the 2014 NFL Draft!

This is your open thread for Colts-Patriots. If you're looking for a complete schedule for the 2014 NFL Playoffs, here you go.