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Houston Texans Fire Director Of Pro Personnel, Pro Scout

The changes keep coming at Reliant Park, and we're not just talking about the coaching staff anymore. For the news and an attempt at understanding what it means, check out Battle Red Blog.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

A flurry of tweets from several different people last night for you to peruse:

My initial thoughts after reading all that are as follows:

1. Whether Bill O'Brien is behind the firing of the team's Director of Pro Personnel and one of the team's pro scouts remains to be seen, though La Canfora certainly seems to think that's the case. We don't know how much sway, if any, O'Brien holds in the front office.

I'm not sure it matters all that much. Heads are going to roll in the NFL after a 2-14 season. When a team compiled of professional athletes gets drubbed fourteen (14) times in a row, it stands to reason the people in charge of the losing team's personnel, both in scouting and in putting together the roster, are going to be held responsible.

2. With the paragraph above in mind, it truly is amazing that Rick Smith appears to have been so thoroughly absolved of blame thus far, at least in Bob McNair's eyes. Rick Smith is a modern day Rasputin. If you're going to fire the director of pro personnel, how does the boss of the director of pro personnel get a pass? Presumably, Smith signed off on whatever Gardner did. Ultimately, Smith is the guy in charge of the Texans' personnel. Are Gardner and Murphy merely sacrificial lambs here?

3. The connection between Rick Smith and Ken Whisenhunt has been reported before, so the idea that Whisenhunt may well have been Smith's preferred choice is not a shocker. I remain thrilled with the O'Brien hire, even if I am a bit envious that Ray Horton will be joining Whisenhunt in Nashville.

4. Here's wishing Gardner, Murphy, and their families the very best as they search for new employment.