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2014 NFL Bracketology: Day 4

The results are in, so stop by and check to see who advanced to Lombardi's Last Four. Make your picks for the semi-finals.

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

Thanks everyone for putting up with my nonsense and voting, I greatly appreciate it. Here are the results to yesterday's voting. Below that are the links to the bracket and survey.

West Region

1.) Seattle Seahawks 87.5%

3.) Arizona Cardinals 12.5%

East Region

1.) New England Patriots 33.3%

3.) San Francisco 49ers 66.67

North Region:

1.) Denver Broncos 83.33%

3.) Kansas City Chiefs 16.67%

South Region

1.) Carolina Panthers 58.33%

3.) New Orleans Saints 41.67%

When we get to the last four, the brackets are reseeded. Seattle would play the lowest ranked seed and the remaining two would play each other. If this was real life and not merely fabricated from my imagination, I would have the top seed remaining choose who they want to play. ESPN could even set up a BCS type show where they bring the head coach to the podium and announces who his team wants to play. Imagine Pete Carroll coming up to the stand and yelling, "Bring us the 49ers!", kicking over the microphone and stomping out of the room. Now that would be great television.

Lombardi's Last Four

1.) Seattle Seahawks Vs. 3.) San Francisco 49ers

1.) Carolina Panthers Vs. 1.) Denver Broncos

Here is the link to the bracket.

Here is the link to make your picks.