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Would You Want Richard Sherman On The Texans?

Richard Sherman has a big mouth. Would he fit in with the Houston Texans?

Come at me, bros.
Come at me, bros.

Since all we have as Texans fans are the broken dreams of a lost season, I'll continue to delve into hypotheticals and such during the offseason.

The Houston Texans have carefully developed their reputation as a "clean" team. This is a mandate straight from the owner, of course. I believe the streak of no arrests for the squad is still intact. Only Arian Foster's recent babymamadrama has sullied the brand.

So with that said, where would Richard Sherman fit in a Texans uniform? Would the coaching staff try to curb his trash talk? How would Gary Kubiak have handled a loud personality like Sherman? Would fans criticize him for getting amped up on the field-- the way we do with D.J. Swearinger at times?

Finally, would you want today's Richard Sherman on this team right now? Our very own UprootedTexan might have a very different answer than yours.

Personally, it's fascinating to see a player so thoroughly back up his words. The attitude and talent seem to go hand-in-hand with Sherman; they feed off each other in perfect symbiosis. It's a package deal, and I'd take him on the Texans in a heartbeat, attitude and all.

What's even more interesting to think about is if the Texans had taken Sherman in the NFL Draft. Would he have developed into the player he is today under the Texans' tutelage? Or would his skills have been suppressed along with his attitude?

If somehow you missed his post game interview. Watch it below.

Not unlike a Macho Man Randy Savage promo.

Also, catch Brian Floyd's piece on Sherman's words on SBNation. I think he nailed it.

The NFL would be better with more Richard Shermans. You hate him because he's not yours. You hate him because he plays for someone else, and would love him if he belonged to your team. He's got personality and skill and the ability to shut down a third of the field every single week. He makes you mad. He makes opponents mad.

In the confines of this article, Richard Sherman is on his way to join the Houston Texans. What is your reaction? Discuss...