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Report: Cleveland Browns To Pursue Gary Kubiak For Offensive Coordinator Position

Gary Kubiak might be taking his talents to Cleveland with a report that the Browns are interested in hiring him to be their new offensive coordinator.

Jeremy Brevard-US PRESSWIRE

According to CBS NFL insider Jason La Canfora, ex-Texans head coach Gary Kubiak may be getting a phone call from Cleveland sometime soon.

Gary Kubiak has always been known as an effective offensive play-caller, 2013's meltdown notwithstanding, but his reputation as a "quarterback guru" will likely be the true value to a franchise that seemingly has not had effective quarterback play since Bernie Kosar.

What some may find particularly ironic about this potential pairing is how the running game will be affected. The Gary Kubiak system relies on having a running back who is a pure "one-cut zone runner". He needs someone who excels at reading slower developing blocks with patience, someone who has excellent hands and can pass protect, or perhaps someone who was just drafted in the top five by being extremely successful in a similar stretch-stretch-boot action scheme. To put it plainly, Gary Kubiak needs someone like the recently departed Trent Richardson. The former Browns coaching staff attempted and failed to fit their one-cut runner into a power scheme, traded him to the Colts who are also trying to force him into a power scheme, and now Cleveland is potentially poised to run an offense in which Richardson could be truly dominant.

How perfect.