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Houston Texans Hire Paul Dunn As Offensive Line Coach, Charles Spencer Expresses Concern

Last night, Alex Marvez broke the story that the Texans had hired Paul Dunn to be their new offensive line coach. Charles Spencer, a former Texan who played for Dunn in college, does not seem to be a fan of the move.

Charles Spencer feels for Duane Brown.
Charles Spencer feels for Duane Brown.
Bob Levey

As Mr. Dunsmore noted in today's Newswire, your Houston Texans hired a new offensive line coach. Alex Marvez first reported it last night.

Dunn was available for hire by your Houston Texans because he just got fired by the Falcons after six years as assistant offensive line coach in Atlanta. That termination was not exactly mourned by our friends at The Falcoholic, who wrote:

On the other end, Atlanta's O-line was just as much of a disaster. Just about every lineman on the roster started a game, and almost none of them found success. Peter Konz regressed in his sophomore year while Lamar Holmes looked thoroughly unprepared and unfit to start at this point in time. Ryan spent most of his time on the turf and Steven Jackson had almost no running lanes to work with. You could maybe argue that Hill deserved one more year, seeing that it was only his second season with the team, but I'm certainly not one to disagree with the move. The line looked atrocious, no more so than on Sunday, and so it's Dunn and Hill that take the fall.

Not exactly a ringing endorsement for the latest member of Bill O'Brien's coaching staff, but such is the business.  Fans of one team are happy to see you go while fans of another team are optimistic you'll be better here.  Unfortunately for Dunn, the lack of acclaim for his coaching prowess doesn't end with the fans. It also includes players he actually coached.

Texans fans should recall Charles Spencer. Spencer, a left tackle from of the University of Pittsburgh, was taken with the first pick of the third round in the 2006 NFL Draft by your Houston Texans in what remains the best draft in franchise history and one of the best drafts by any team in recent memory. Tragically, after winning the starting job at LT as a rookie in training camp, Spencer (or "Big Nasty," as he was nicknamed) broke his leg in the Week Two game against the Colts in 2006 and was lost for the season. The injury was significant and unique, requiring multiple surgeries. Although Spencer would return to the practice field for the Texans in 2008, the Texans released him before the preseason schedule started. Spencer would go on to sign with the Panthers and Jaguars for short periods of time before ending his playing career with the UFL's Florida Tuskers in 2009.

In college, Spencer played under Dunn while the latter was the offensive line coach at the University of Pittsburgh. Judging from Spencer's tweets last night after Marvez broke the news about the Texans hiring Dunn, Spencer was not a fan of their time together.

Safe to say that Dunn's arrival in Houston is not being universally lauded.  What's your reaction to the Paul Dunn hiring?