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Sponsored Post: Which Houston Texan Would You Like To See Play Forever?

Before you go see "RoboCop," weigh in with your thoughts on which Houston Texans player you wish could play forever on Battle Red Blog.

A robotic 'Dre?  Get on it, science.
A robotic 'Dre? Get on it, science.
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

All Houstonians should have a special place in their heart for "RobocCop," what with "RoboCop 2" having been filmed in our fair city. It is with that reverence for the franchise--and with a sponsorship from the good people behind the latest installment of the "RoboCop" franchise--that I ask you, dear reader of BRB: Which Houston Texan do you wish could play for the good guys forever?

In other words, which Houston Texan, past or present, do you wish could be transformed into a robot of sorts (like the opposite of "Bicentennial Man RoboCop!) so he could take the field in steel blue, battle red, and/or liberty white for all eternity?

Please vote in the poll and elaborate in the Comments.