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On Houston Texans Leaks and Rumors: Why All The Voices Should Be Welcomed For Now

There are rumors and leaks everywhere surrounding your Houston Texans, and that should be seen as a good thing at this stage of the offseason.

The future's so bright they gotta we---DRAFT TEDDY BRIDGEWATER, GUYS!
The future's so bright they gotta we---DRAFT TEDDY BRIDGEWATER, GUYS!
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

You can hardly turn and look anywhere without a story about what the Houston Texans should do this offseason, highlighted by their number one pick in the 2014 NFL Draft. There is a maelstrom of rumors, complete with billboards, stories, speculation, and people trying to connect the dots on a new coaching regime.

With time to kill before roster moves begin in earnest, it would be foolish for me say don't get sucked into the vast number of personal agendas people have to "leak" information or spread opinions. How else will we kill time if we don't envision the Texans stretched in a million different directions?

Fact is, I hope the real Texans front office is considering every possible one of these rumors. Well, except the Ben Roethlisberger one. That would be stupid on many levels, but that's another story for another time. The fact is, this is a 2-14 team. This is a 2-14 roster. Whether you believe the coaching failed the talent or vice versa, this is currently the worst team in the NFL. No idea should be immediately dismissed, Big Ben aside because that would be a disastrous move up there with the likes of bringing in Ahman Green and Ed Reed.

Any fan of this franchise should want scouts, general managers, coaches, and owners being challenged. Until free agency and the draft begin, fans should not want to hear that there's one clear voice and one clear vision - even if, like myself, you believe there is a clear cut path. To build that plan of attack to turn this franchise back into a contender, there should be Lincoln-Douglas type debates (or, for the BRB faithful who will recall, the Robert Quinn Papers) to build to a consensus plan of attack.

Yes, eventually there needs to be consensus. Eventually, everyone needs to tow the company line and whatever comes out as the decided upon plan. Through the struggle of debate and scrutiny, the vision should become stronger. If everyone is as talented and knowledgeable about football as we are led to believe, that vision should drive Houston to a championship. It has to come from the minds of many and not the whims of one man. The overarching goal needs to be sustained success and not an instant influx of merchandise capital. As we continue through this winter of change, let's hope the Texans have an open mind to all considerations and spend their days standing on the soapbox.