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Wade Phillips Seems To Confirm He's Been Fired On Twitter

With rumors swirling that new Texans head coach Bill O'Brien has dismissed the entire Texans coaching staff, the Texans' defensive coordinator and Houston icon appears to have confirmed that he's been dismissed.

We'll miss you, Wade.
We'll miss you, Wade.
Bob Levey

Updating this morning's post about Bill O'Brien cleaning house with the Texans' coaching staff, we have this from the erstwhile Son of Bum:

As bad as the Texans' defense was in 2013--and it was wretched, no matter what the yards per game stats say--Wade Phillips completely revolutionized the smoking crater of waste that Frank Bush presided over during his time as Houston's defensive coordinator. Wade gave us the 2011 season, which is something every Texans fan will always cherish. 2012, as much as it tailed off, was also memorable and something I wouldn't trade, especially after the consistent failures of 2002-2010.

I'm sad to see him go, though I completely agree with O'Brien's decision to hit reset. We wish Wade all the best in his future endeavors, whether they include a new coaching gig or retirement. Share your thoughts and fondest memories of Wade Phillips' time in Houston in the Comments below.