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Report: Mike Vrabel To Join Houston Texans Staff As Linebackers Coach

Just when you thought the Texans couldn't get more Patriot-y, Bill O'Brien proves otherwise. The Texans have added a new linebackers coach to the mix.

Oh, we know who you are, Mike Vrabel.  We know.
Oh, we know who you are, Mike Vrabel. We know.
Bob Levey

Mike Vrabel has been busy since retiring as a player.  He's been working as a defensive line coach with Urban Meyer at Vrabel's alma mater, Ohio State.

Not anymore.

Multiple sources on Twitter indicate that Bill O'Brien is bringing in the former Patriots linebacker to join the Texans' coaching staff.  Those sources include Vrabel himself:

With defensive line coach Bill Kollar as the lone man from Gary Kubiak's staff retained by Bill O'Brien, it makes sense that Vrabel will be changing the position he coaches.

Vrabel played eight of his eleven NFL seasons under former Patriots and Chiefs defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel.  This move could be another indication that Crennel will serve as O'Brien's defensive coordinator.