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Mike Munchak To Interview For Texans' Offensive Line Coach Opening Tomorrow

Could a Houston Oilers Hall of Fame offensive lineman (and ex-Titans head coach) be the Texans' next offensive line coach?

Come home, Munch.
Come home, Munch.

It's rare you see a head coach move from being in charge of an entire team in one city to being in charge of a position group for another team. Yet there's a chance Mike Munchak, Houston Oilers Hall of Fame offensive lineman and recently fired head coach of the Tennessee Titans, could do just that. John McClain reports:

Coach Bill O’Brien, who coached Penn State the last two seasons, is interviewing Mike Munchak Friday about becoming the Texans’ offensive line coach.

If he gets Munchak, a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, for his offensive line and Romeo Crennel as his defensive coordinator, O’Brien will have two former NFL head coaches on his staff.

If O’Brien hires Munchak, he might also get Bruce Matthews, another former Oilers’ offensive lineman in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, as his assistant offensive line coach.

There is so, so, SO much to love about those three previous sentences. As McClain notes in his story, Munchak was considered one of the best offensive line coaches in the NFL before he was promoted to the head gig in Tennessee. His hiring would be an absolute coup for a first-time head coach. The possibility of Bruce Matthews coming with Munchak to coach the Texans' offensive line would be a bonus, if for no other reason than the reality that the two greatest offensive linemen in Houston history would be coming home.

One question did strike me, though. To my knowledge, the Titans didn't run much, if any, of a zone blocking system. If Munchak does in fact succeed John Benton as the Texans' offensive line coach, would that signal the Texans moving away from the Gary Kubiak zone blocking scheme? At least one of my buddies wouldn't care, as reflected by the following text message I received:

If it gets rid of Wade Smith, he can switch to a cone blocking scheme for all I care.