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Could Eric Mangini Be The Next Offensive Coordinator Of The Houston Texans?

According to Sports Talk 790's Lance Zierlein, there's "buzz" it could happen. What do Texans fans think about the idea of Mangenius being the next OC in Houston?

The next offensive coordinator of the Houston Texans?
The next offensive coordinator of the Houston Texans?
Matt Sullivan

The former defensive coordinator for the New England Patriots before being named the head coach of the New York Jets and Cleveland Browns, Eric Mangini is currently working as an offensive consultant with the San Francisco 49ers. Bill Williamson writes:

Both Harbaugh and Mangini prefer not to go into the technical aspects of Mangini’s duties. But he definitely comes from a defensive mindset.

"We’re trying to see things from the defense’s perspective," Mangini said. "Then we try to react from an offensive viewpoint. … It’s been an interesting approach."

I can't recall a coach switching from offense to defense like that within the NFL. Now, there's "buzz" that Mangini's new offensive bona fides could result in--wait for it--him becoming the new offensive coordinator for your Houston Texans.

Hiring Mangini as your offensive coordinator would be a bold move for any NFL head coach, much less a first-time head coach like Bill O'Brien. While it's nothing more than rumor at the moment and Mangini's been mentioned as a possible candidate for the general manager opening in Miami, imagine if O'Brien adds Mangini, Mike Munchak, and Romeo Crennel to his staff in Houston. That would be three (3) former NFL head coaches on one staff. I do believe that would be unprecedented.

Your reaction to the possibility of Eric Mangini becoming the next offensive coordinator for your Houston Texans?