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Checking The Pulse: Should The Houston Texans Make A Change At Quarterback?

Texans fans have seen six games' worth of Ryan Fitzpatrick under center. With the team getting a few extra days off before Monday Night Football in Pittsburgh on October 20th, should Bill O'Brien make a change at QB?

Should the Fitzpatrick Era end now?
Should the Fitzpatrick Era end now?
Scott Halleran

The Ryan Fitzpatrick Era in Houston has spanned six games. The Texans are 3-3, and Fitzpatrick has posted a stat line of 104 completions in 160 attempts (65% completion rate) for 1,268 yards, 6 TDs, and 6 INTs.

Directly behind him on the QB depth chart sits Ryan Mallett.  Should he play meaningful snaps for your Houston Texans, there is absolutely no guarantee Mallett will be as good as Fitzpatrick. Additionally, while Fitzpatrick undoubtedly limits the Texans' offense and has looked awful at times, it's wholly unfair to attribute all of the Texans' problems to him; indeed, the team's shortcomings are numerous and deserve examination in a separate post. You may think Ryan Fitzpatrick is hurting the Texans with his play, but he sure as Hades is not the only guilty party in that regard.

My question for you is simple, and it's in the poll below. Should Bill O'Brien make a change at QB before the Monday Night Football game? In other words, should Ryan Mallett be under center for the good guys when the Texans visit Pittsburgh on October 20th?

Kindly cast your vote and explain your reasoning in the Comments.

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