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Jadeveon Clowney Speaks: "I Just Want To Hit Somebody"

The Texans' Killer Clown is yet another day closer to returning to the field, and he met with the media today to talk about it. We've got the full video and transcript.

Thomas B. Shea

Jadeveon Clowney spoke to the media today about his knee, his possible return to action, and his desire to hurt people once again. The most important nugget - and perhaps one that he should not have said - was that Clowney apparently started running full speed just one day after he began jogging during his recovery process. The training staff of course put a quick stop to that before he re-injured himself, but it is telling that Clowney was able to sprint so soon after surgery to repair his torn meniscus.

Bill O'Brien still puts the first overall pick's chances of playing against the Steelers on Monday Night Football in Week Seven as "iffy" and "50-50", but it is reasonable to hope that J.J. Watt might finally be getting some reinforcements when the Texans travel to Pittsburgh. You can watch Clowney's full interview here or read the transcript below.

On his excitement to play again…

"I’m very excited to help my team…being back out there and playing football again. I miss playing, so I’m ready to get back out there."

On being on the sidelines and wanting to help his team…

"It’s very frustrating, you know, just seeing my team out there fighting trying to get a win but I’m not out there helping them so my biggest goal now is just getting healthy and getting back out there on the field."

On how he feels right now…

"I’m feeling alright. I could be a lot better, but I’m taking it one day at a time, getting healthy, trainers are helping me out a lot to get back in football shape and get my knee back to moving."

On his emotions when he will finally get back on the field…

"Oh yeah, you know, but that’s what they like about me. I come out on the field fired up. I just want to hit somebody. I haven’t hit anybody in a long time – about a month – so I’m looking forward to that."

On if he has been able to cut at all yet…

"I’m doing a little bit of cutting, yeah. It’s coming along well. I can cut, I can run straight. It’s just time now…all up to time."

On trusting his knee during the recovery process…

"I trust my knee. The second day I started running, I was like, ‘I’m running full speed’. I took off and (the trainers) were like ‘You’re not supposed to be doing that yet’."

On if the mental reps have helped him adjust to the defense…

"Oh yeah, that’s helped me a lot. I’m learning a lot of football since I’ve been here. Learned from a lot of guys up front and behind me so it’s helped me to keep up with what’s going on in the meeting room."

From everyone here at us, Jadeveon. You're our only hope.

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