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BRB Open Thread: Early Afternoon Games (10/12/14)

Who wins in a fight between a Lion and a Viking? Discuss that and the other early afternoon games in this BRB open thread!

Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

Unfortunately, the Texans already got their loss for the week in the books, but that doesn't mean you can't spend your Sunday in front of the TV getting angry at a football game. I'm lucky enough to be spending mine getting yelled at by angry customers who don't know how to replace the ink in their printer; if I weren't doing that, I'd probably take the opportunity to see how the division cellar-dwellers are doing and watch the Jacksonville Jaguars (0-5) @ the Tennessee Titans (1-4). There are some more competitive, and likely more meaningful, games on the docket (Carolina @ Cincinnati, for example) for 12 PM, but it's always good to know whats going on elsewhere in the division.

You'll find the early slate of games below. As always, take to the comments to discuss the games as you see fit.

Away Team @ Home Team TV
Jacksonville Jaguars @ Tennessee Titans CBS
Baltimore Ravens @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers CBS
Denver Broncos @ New York Jets CBS
Detroit Lions @ Minnesota Vikings FOX
New England Patriots @ Buffalo Bills FOX
Carolina Panthers @ Cincinnati Bengals FOX
Pittsburgh Steelers @ Cleveland Browns CBS
Green Bay Packers @ Miami Dolphins FOX