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BRB Open Thread: Late Afternoon Games (10/12/14)

The Falcons look to get off the schneid and back into the playoff race at 3 o'clock today at home against the Bears. Discuss that and the rest of the 3 PM games in this BRB open thread!

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Because of work, and needing to pay for lame things like car insurance and student loans, I'm going to miss seeing my Falcons play the Bears in a must-win game at home. On the bright side, they tend to win when I don't watch the game. That isn't to say that I'm superstitious, but a trend's a trend, right?

The other late afternoon games are a rivalry game with San Diego at Oakland, a potential playoff preview in Dallas at Seattle, and a riveting game of back-up-quarterback ball (unless Carson Palmer returns to the lineup) between Washington and Arizona.