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10 Out Of 10 Scientists Agree J.J. Watt Is Good At Football

This graphic, courtesy of Advanced Football Analytics, is simply astounding. See exactly how fantastic J.J. Watt's 2014 season has been so far.

Bob Levey

You know J.J. Watt is an amazing football player. I know J.J. Watt is an amazing football player. But now this graph from Advanced Football Analytics shows you just how amazing Watt is compared to other NFL defensive ends.

"Fine," you say. "But how does J.J. Watt measure up against every other player in the league, including QBs?"

Favorably, I'd say. Quite favorably, as this graph demonstrates.

We are truly witnessing something freakishly special, Texans fans. Let us rejoice that J.J. Watt is ours to ogle.

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