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Monday Night Football Open Thread: 49ers @ Rams

Phil Dawson and the San Francisco 49ers head to ole' St. Louis to face Garret Gilbert and the rest of the St. Louis Rams. I guess. For a good time, join us!

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Are you as excited about this game as I am?  Not only do we get to see one of today's NFL greats, Phil Dawson, proudly don a 49ers uniform, but we also might get a chance to see everybody's favorite super hero, Case Keenum.


For those of you who've been missing 10 yard backpedal backpedal backpedal SACKs, tonight may be a special one.

Snark aside (for the time being), this is actually a fun looking game.  Whoda thunk Austin Davis would be leading his offense to 23rd by Football Outsider's DVOA rank?  Sure, 23rd isn't great, but it's about 9 spots higher than I thought it'd be, and it's not much worse than San Francisco's 18th.

Where St. Louis has been struggling is defensively, which is a bit surprising considering their talent on that side of the ball, ranking 30th in DVOA.  San Francisco comes out 6th, but they're definitely missing stalwarts Navarro Bowman and Aldon Smith.

This is my thread, so we all know this thread is pants-free.  Grab a drink of your choice and join us for some Monday Night Action tonight.