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2014 Week Seven Infographic: Houston Texans vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

Check out today's Infographic on BRB in advance of the Texans-Steelers game on Monday Night Football.

On the flight to Pittsburgh, the inflight movie was The Dark Knight Rises. Why the Texans were watching a two-year old movie on a charter flight? I don't know. Either Way, the scene Bane destroys Gotham Rogues' stadium comes on to the screen. Jared Crick turned to J.J. Watt and said "Isn't that Heinz Field?". "Yeah, you're right" said Watt. "That gives me an idea." Watt-Bane was born.

Now let's look at this week's match between Texans and Steelers to close out week seven of the NFL schedule.


DJ Swearinger - if he doesn't raise his game in coverage, this is going to be a long night. I don't care how bad Pittsburgh is - if TY Hilton can do what he does to us, Antonio Brown can do it worse. I know DJ typically is covering TEs but when he is passing-off or being passed-to in zone coverage, it has been UGLY all season. My other worry with DJ is that he has been so bad lately that I think he'll be pressing to make a big play (even more than usual). This could mean he will ignore the little technique things even more than he already does. Big Ben will make him PAY if that happens, provided he has time to operate.


Damn you, Chris, you took mine.

These aren't your father's Pittsburgh Steelers. Heck, these aren't even your older sister's Pittsburgh Steelers. Their defense has gotten old and slow, and there's almost no talent behind run thumper Lawrence Timmons and pass rush specialist Jason Worilds. If the offensive line can keep #HoboQB upright, there's a chance even he can exploit one of the worst secondaries in the NFL. Maybe.

They call him...Tim:

Brice McCain. If the Texans do not attack him relentlessly, the universe is bereft of justice.

Brett Kollmann:

DeAndre Hopkins. I want to see him show the nation why he should never have been available at pick 27. Eviscerating Brice McCain in the process would be a nice bonus.

Matthew Weston:

Tackling: Leveon Bell is a running back with Fosterish vision and McCoyish elusiveness. The rush defense has gotten better since the Pickett signing, which says more about Powe being awful than Pickett being good, but they still are a terrible tackling unit. This year they have a rush defense DVOA of -1.8% (24th) and have given up the following rush yards this season:
If they tackle poorly again Bell will churn out yards, force the safeties to creep into the box, and open up more opportunities for Antonio Brown to do is best T.Y. Hilton impression.

Capt. Ron:

Foster will be the key to winning tonight. "IF" Fitz can manage to pass the ball to him in the flats, Foster will wreck Troy and the defense in space. That should also set up some big-play opportunities for ‘Dre, Hopkins and D. Johnson if the safeties and linebackers bite on Foster rushing and/or receiving early on. Play-action variants should be part of the formula.

PS: What is a tight end? Will we ever see that sorcery added to the Texans' game plan?

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