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Texans-Steelers: Watch The Tuesday (10/21/14) Bill O'Brien Press Conference After The Texans MNF Loss

Bill O'Brien was pretty peeved in his post-game presser last night. We're thinking he'll be a little calmer this time around. Get some answers from the head coach himself and react here with us on BRB.

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BOB is speaking now! Watch here!

Did you watch O'Brien's post-game press conference? You should. has a snippet of it here. It's definitely a lot more entertaining that your standard Kubiak "it's on me" presser, even though O'Brien says some of the same soundbites.

You can get a full transcript of last night's presser's here via the Mothership. But here are some tidbits for you to review from last night.

Re: Errors determining the outcome of the game:

We had a terrible second quarter. We couldn’t come back from it. Just too many turnovers. We just had a hard time overcoming all of those things. But at the end of the day, we were one onside kick away from tying it. So we are trying to take some positive out of it but we have to coach it better. We have to play a lot better.

Re: Once the turnaround started, you couldn’t stop it

It was 30-23. It wasn’t 50-nothing. My point is we can’t do that. We can’t turn the ball over, we can’t bobble a kick, we can’t give up shot plays and we can’t have 12 men on the field on third down to give them a first down. We just can’t do those things. With all that being said, we were an onside kick away. These questions are like we lost 50-nothing. We lost by a touchdown with all that stuff that we did. We have to improve it. We have to coach it better and we have to play better.

Re: Pulling any positives from a loss:

I think it’s a negative. We lost. It’s negative. It’s terrible to lose. It’s not good to lose, but my point is to these players in the locker room, is that with all those things that we did wrong, if we can fix those things that we’re doing wrong, especially turning the ball over twice inside the five-yard line. If we could fix those things, maybe we would have a shot, a better shot to win. So no, it’s awful to lose. It’s not good to come close. There are no moral victories. But we have to fix these things. We have to coach it better, and we have to play better.

Watch and then react here on BRB!