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Ryan Fitzpatrick: "The Titans Know All My Tricks"

Missed Ryan Fitzpatrick's weekly Wednesday press conference? Don't worry, we've got you covered.

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Ryan Fitzpatrick took to the podium today to talk about the Texans’ recent three-game skid and their upcoming divisional showdown with the Titans this weekend. You can watch the full presser on the Mothership by clicking here.

On handling criticism from media and fans…

"I think as a quarterback, and especially as a guy that really started at the bottom and has kind of worked my way in in every situation I’ve been in, I’ve seen and heard a lot of that. It’s just always important, the message that I send to other guys, guys that I’ve played with or guys that I’ve talked to, it’s the confidence that you have in yourself. You’ve got to have confidence, you’ve got to believe, and you’ve got to go out there and play. Ignore the noise, ignore everything that goes on outside, and have confidence in who you are and why you are in the situation you’re in, and just continue to go out there and work hard and make plays."

"At this point in my career it really doesn’t affect me. I have at this point done a lot of different things, but I take a lot of pride and criticize myself harder than anybody else does, so I think that in itself is what helps me through it too…is being your harshest critic. Knowing that there’s things that I need to continue to work on, and there have been some things that we’ve done that have been pretty good. It’s eliminating the bad plays and having more of the good plays."

On the Titans' defense being familiar with his tendencies…

"It’s almost the same thing, I guess. As I said with Buffalo, sitting there watching the tape I’m very familiar with most of their players on defense. There’s a lot of the same faces from last year, and they are very familiar with me, so I don’t know if there is an edge one way or the other just because I’ve got a good feel for a lot of those guys and I’m sure they have a good feel for me. I know McCourty knows some of my tricks and Griff and a guy like George Wilson…we played together for five years, so they’ll certainly know me and my tendencies and things, so it’ll be an interesting thing to watch."

On having a handful of bad plays cause losses…

"We’ve got to get back on track here in terms of winning some games. You look at every game and all the sudden it comes down to three or four plays, mistakes by us, great plays by the other team, whatever it is. That’s the NFL for you, and we’ve been on the bad end of it for the last few weeks here and we’ve got to turn that around."

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