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Bill O'Brien Denies PFT Report That Brian Cushing Is Out For Titans Game

Last night, Pro Football Talk reported that Brian Cushing would miss Sunday's game against the Titans and perhaps even more than that. Today, the Houston Texans' head coach denied the accuracy of that report. See what Bill O'Brien had to say.

Bill O'Brien says Cushing's day-to-day.
Bill O'Brien says Cushing's day-to-day.
Bob Levey

Last night, Mike Florio reported that Brian Cushing would "miss at least one game to rest his knee." Florio went on to say that Cushing had been bothered by the knee for the last two weeks and that the knee had already "been drained a few times recently."

Bill O'Brien was asked about Cushing's status this afternoon. His response (which is totally worth your click to see O'Brien talk about "Dr. Clowney" and how Clowney must have "stayed at a Super 8 last night or a Holiday Inn, whatever that commercial is"):

(on how ILB Brian Cushing feels) "I think he feels he’s getting better every day. I think coming off that injury, you know, postgame is always, there is a lot of soreness. We have to ease him back into the week. Like how we say, he’s day-to-day. We’ll see how he is tomorrow. We’ll bring him to Tennessee and we’ll see how he is before the game."

(on if he is aware of a report that ILB Brian Cushing will not play this week and if there is any accuracy to that report) "No. First of all, no, I wasn’t aware of that report. I was trying to figure out how to try to get a first down against the Tennessee Titans because it was third-down night. And secondly, there is no accuracy to that report."

"There is no accuracy to that report." Strong words. Granted, this could be O'Brien simply not wanting to show any of his cards until he has to, but the Houston Texans' head coach didn't exactly mince words. That's what the kids call a categorical denial.

What's your read on the situation? Did Florio get some bad intel, or is O'Brien trying to force the Titans to prepare for every possible eventuality?

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