Week 8 Thingy - The BESF Heh Report™

I Know Clowney missed playing, and by the looks of things in the picture above he also misses Keo. I have no idea what technique that is supposed to be. I give this photo a rating of Heh²

The past week or so has been one of those very frustrating weeks. Think Emergency Rooms, neurologists, MRIs and no answers, and you get the gist of what my week was like. Not for me personally, but close enough. There are lots of frustrations in this world, but not even knowing why things are happening is one of the biggest for me. This is why my thingy is a bit tardy.

The Texans are 4-4, and won the last game decisively. It was a good showing, even if it were against the lowly BESFs. There are still some frustrating things to see, like Fitz holding the ball way too long when there were opportunities to throw it away. Maybe for you it was just seeing Danieal Manning "returning" kickoffs. Maybe you didn't like watching passes doink on players' helmets.

In the no one cares department:

Zach Methenberger actually had a pretty good start for his first ever NFL game. In the losing effort he passed for 299 yds


The secret number this week. This past game was the Texans' 200th game in franchise history. This coming game will be Ryan Pickett's 200th game.


The number of rushing attempts by Arian Foster each of the last three games.


3rd down efficiency for the Texans in the Game.

The Vonte Leach KTFO Award

This is an award probably stolen from the 2DH, that is given to the player that had the best KTFO play in the game. The Vonte Leach KTFO award goes to Mike Mohamed this week for his hit on Dexter McCluster.. I have not see a gif of this yet, so here is a crappy screen shot:


This photo gets a Heh

Random Cheerleader pic:

Heh was not used in commenting on this picture/gif.

This week, the tight ends were still basically missing in action, so I updated the milk carton.


Offensive linemen doing what they do to JJ Watt. This was the first game in 2014 that an offensive player was flagged for holding against JJ Watt. By this trend, we can expect one more sometime near the end of the year.

This one is rated SMHeh'd

but not every super obvious time


I really have no idea how to describe what is happening here, but I think Kendrick Lewis did OK.


It was just before the trade deadline, so Rick Smith was looking for any last minute additions to talent on the team. I "have a source" that says that it was between this guy and Zac Diles to fill in gaps at linebacker.

I had to rate this one Heh⁷ - It makes me Heh every time.

...and for all of those still having trouble understanding what BESF means, I made a simple Venn Diagram to explain it.

What say you Texans fans?