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SITE NEWS: Battle Red Radio's Change Of Ownership

Matt Weston is moving and unable to run Battle Red Radio, so he's passing the torch to Diehard Chris. Read below to find out why.

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If you listened to Battle Red Radio last night, you already know what I'm about to say. If you didn't, you really should go back and listen to it, download every episode, tell your girlfriend, boyfriend, grandmother, grandmother's boyfriend, roommate, newborn child, and whoever else you can think of about the show, and then rate and review it on iTunes since it's the best Texans podcast out there.

If you didn't know BRB had a podcast, here are the links to get you started:

This week's post for the show
Blog Talk Radio

The big news is that I accepted a job earlier this month, and tomorrow (October 30th) I'm moving to California. I'll be doing conservation work in the Mojave Desert for the next nine months through a program called the SCA or Student Conservation Association. For the job, I work ten straight days, then get five days off to do whatever I please.

The problem is that during those ten days on duty, there isn't any running water, let alone WiFi. As you can imagine, this is going to make it impossible for me to run a podcast every Tuesday night and limit the number of words I can write. If you miss me on the show or my writing, don't worry; I'm not disappearing forever. I'm just going to be around less often.

As a result, Diehard Chris will be running the podcast from now on. He has experience running a podcast, which he did at his old site (Houston Diehards). Additionally, Chris has been on Battle Red Radio with me since the beginning, knows a ton about the team, and is fun to listen to. The show is going to continue to be great. It's in a pair of sturdy and luscious hands. Just like everyone who reads the site, I will be tuning in to listen to him, BFD, and maybe now MDC once a week.

So thank you everyone for listening to the show the past year when I ran it. Thanks for all the questions you gave us when we went LIVE. Thanks for the kind words over the last year. Thanks for reading the thousands of words I wrote. I just hope I made your Tuesday nights everything you ever wanted and was able to teach and entertain you through my writing.

Thanks again everyone.