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Countdown To Kickoff: Houston Texans v. Dallas Cowboys

It's game day for your Houston Texans, which means it's game day on Battle Red Blog, which means you should probably spend those last few painful hours/minutes/seconds before the Texans and Cowboys kick off with fellow fanatics in BRB's Countdown to Kickoff thread.

Do it for Mr. McNair, Texans.
Do it for Mr. McNair, Texans.
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Once every four years, your Houston Texans play the Dallas Cowboys. It's the Olympics for Texas football fans.

Indeed, in terms of importance within our great state, today's contest may well be of far greater interest than the Olympics.  You may not know who the best sprinter in Greece is, but you know who the QB for the Dallas Cowboys is.  You may not be able to rattle off the name of the current Dutch prime minister, but you know who's in charge of the Cowboys organization.  People can try to dismiss today as just another game, but it's not.  I suggest we use this space to talk about the teams and game that'll be played at AT&T Stadium until the clock strikes high noon.

For those who may not know, the purpose of this thread is for you, as entertainingly and painlessly as possible, to pass the time until the Texans and Cowboys kick off at noon today. This the place for you to engage in the free exchange of ideas about the Texans, the Cowboys, what you hope to see this afternoon, your estimation of what your 2014 Houston Texans could be and/or will be, or whatever else is on your mind as we wait to see which Texas team can claim scoreboard on the other until 2018.

The first open thread for Texans-Cowboys will post at 11:45 a.m. CDT. Until then, share your thoughts, hopes, dreams, and nightmares about the Texans-Cowboys game and/or the prospects for the Texans' 2014 season here.

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