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Houston Texans Fans March Into Dallas

Traveling Texans fans paint Dallas Battle Red.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The battle for the Governor's Cup between the Texans and Cowboys happens on Sunday in Arlington. Houston fans began arriving on Saturday in droves, painting big "D" Battle Red.  The Texans tweeted out a group photo of the traveling Texans fans earlier on Saturday:

Houston Chronicle photographer Karen Warren captured the masses up close - click here for the slideshow.

The Texans fans met on the south side of Dealey Plaza, just the cross the street from the former Texas School Book Depository Building (the building pictured on the left in the picture above).

Some of the fans wore horns, luchador masks, cowboy hats, and J.J. Watt jerseys.  All were fired up for the game. A few fans sprinkled among the crowd donned surgical masks and rubber gloves; this comes shortly after after a Dallas hospital made the announcement of the first diagnosed case of Ebola in United States.

It's one of the more bizarre and intriguing group of fans I've seen a while, and it makes me more excited for kick off today.

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