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2014 Week Five Infographic: Houston Texans vs. Dallas Cowboys

Check out today's Infographic on BRB in advance of Texans-Cowboys.

He barely made it out the shoot.
He barely made it out the shoot.

It's time for another chapter in the Houston-Dallas rivalry, and I'm not referring to the football teams. There has always been a tension between these two cities, and the local sports team play for their city's pride. The Rockets and Mavericks tied last season through four games, but the Mavs signed Chandler Parsons this offseason. Will the Texans join the Astros (11-8 against the Rangers this season, winners of the Silver Boot Trophy) and take home pride to Houston, or they join the Dynamo (0-2 against FC Dallas this season) and come up short?

They call him....Tim:

DeMarco Murray. For the Texans to have any shot at winning this game, they'll need to stop Murray from steamrolling them.


Everyone in the Texans' front seven not named JJ Watt. Because while he can do more than most mortals, he can't do it all himself.

Capt. Ron:

Cushing and Swearinger need to be at full speed to shut down Murray today. We'll also need to see Hal step it up with Morris out.


Obviously it all starts with stopping Demarco Murray, but Houston's banged up secondary is key as they are facing their second potential NFL QB of the season if Romo is on his game. Same could've been said about Eli Manning and we know how that went. Also, standard Ebola reference.


Ryan Fitzpatrick. Can he keep the team on the field and sustain drives and, more importantly, can he make Dallas actually respect the passing game enough that Dallas can't keep 7-8 in the box on first and second downs?