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Houston Texans Vine Rewind: Texans vs. Cowboys

This past weekend's Texans-Cowboys highlights are now on a constant loop, courtesy of Vine, on Battle Red Blog.

What hurt ankle?
What hurt ankle?
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The battle for Texas was played out on a football field Sunday, another chapter in the war between Houston and Dallas. The Texans came up short, but they fought to the end. The Texans' fans represented well in Jerry World as they painted the stadium Battle Red. Now on to the best highlights from Sunday.

It didn't take long for J.J. Watt to make his mark on the game. First defensive play of the game, and Watt gets a tackle in the backfield.

Arian Foster is gone if Ryan Fitzpatrick throws the ball down field, but Fitz reads the stop route - leading to the interception.

Brian Cushing with his first sack of the season.

I'm not sure what voodoo Romeo Crennel has put on this defense to make them get turnovers, but I'll take it.

Vine of the Week: I could watch this all day.

Whoops, you dropped something.

Runs like this make me even more baffled by Arian Foster's performance last week against the Bills.

Ya know, this Foster kid is pretty good.

The Romo giveth and the Romo taketh away.

Andre Johnson takes a screen pass for 25 yards.

Two plays and the Texans are in the red zone with less than two minutes left in the game.

Four plays, 55 yards, and this game is tied.

Jason Garrett is Grumpy Cat.

The Texans live to fight another day.  Unfortunately, things didn't work out in overtime.

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