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Texans v. Colts: Second Quarter Open Thread

Here's your open thread to discuss the second quarter of Texans v. Colts.

Isn't he majestic?
Isn't he majestic?
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

This blows.

It's another Thursday Night Football blowout with the score 24 to 0.

Andrew Luck loves to throw the ball deep to T.Y. Hilton against Houston.

Luck has already thrown for 200 yards and two touchdowns in the first quarter.

Hilton already has 100 receiving yards.

Let's gather all of the gasoline and tinder we own and pillage these empty backfield sets.

Pat McAfee does his favorite Yo-Yo trick, walk the dog, and Indianapolis recovers their third onside kick this season.

Kareem Jackson got YACed all by Hilton just like Cruz did against him a few weeks back.

The defense has been J.J. Watt and nothing else. Watt has a ridiculous chase down sack on the bootleg and a batted down pass.

It's only been a quarter, but this game is toast. The only reason for sticking around is to bathe in the glory of J.J. Watt or to wait and see if we hear Ryan Mallett's music.

If you decide to stick around for the rest of this one use the thread below to comment on the second quarter as it unfolds in all its fetid froth.

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