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PUT YOUR NAME ON IT: Predict Ryan Mallett's Stat Line Against The Browns

The Houston Texans will trot a new QB out on Sunday against the Browns. What will Ryan Mallett's final stat line look like against Cleveland?

What will this man's stat line look like Sunday?
What will this man's stat line look like Sunday?
Bob Levey

I trust you had a relaxing bye week, Texans fans. With the tenth game of the 2014 Houston Texans season approaching on Sunday, and with it the arrival of a new starting quarterback, it's natural to speculate as to what the future holds for the good guys. I suggest we take an even more specific look at the future. As in, what do you expect from Ryan Mallett in his first NFL start on Sunday in Cleveland?

To that end, please leave your prediction on Mallett's contributions against the Browns on Sunday in the following categories:

-Passes Attempted
-Passes Completed
-Total Passing Yards
-Touchdowns Thrown
-Interceptions Thrown

I'm curious to see exactly how bullish our fine community is about Mallett's prospects against the AFC North leading Browns.

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