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Bill O'Brien Press Conference: Excited For Ryan Mallett

There's reason for excitement with your Houston Texans. See what the head coach had to say earlier today as the Houston Texans come off the bye to face the Cleveland Browns.

A Texans' fan in London!
A Texans' fan in London!
Alan Crowhurst

At today's press conference, Houston Texans head coach Bill O'Brien provided updates on injured players and showed strong support for new starting quarterback Ryan MallettThe Mothership provided the following quotes from today's presser:

Ryan Mallett and Facing the Browns

(on his thoughts about QB Ryan Mallett starting his first NFL game):

"I’m excited. I’m excited for him. I think this is his opportunity to go out there and lead this team, and he’s excited. He was here all weekend, spent a lot of time on his own game and getting ready for Cleveland. He’s very, very excited and we’re looking forward to seeing what he can do."

(on what stands out about the Browns secondary):

"A lot of good players. Joe Haden is one of the best cornerbacks in the league, plays press very well, plays off coverage very well. Donte Whitner has been in this league for a long time. I’m familiar with him from his days in Buffalo—tough, tough guy, great tackler, competitive in coverage, great ball skills. They all have good ball skills back there. It’s a very challenging secondary to go against. They’ve added Jim Leonhard into the mix there who is a guy that knows; he’s like a coach on the field. A guy that can really get those guys lined up. We just have a tremendous amount of respect for Cleveland, all of their players and coaches and the secondary, definitely."

(on if it helps QB Ryan Mallett because he’s watched Mike Pettine coached defenses during his time in New England):

"I think experience watching it—you probably have a point there. I would say, yeah. I would say that would help him, but I think at the end of the day the biggest thing is going against it, which he doesn’t have experience on the field against it. He’s going to have to do a great job this week of preparing on the practice field and the film room, and then when the game starts, how does it go then? That’s the big thing for any quarterback who hasn’t seen it in live action. He’s going to see it live, and hopefully we’ve prepared him enough and he’s able to go out there and do a good job with it."

(on what the offense can do to prevent pressure now that QB Ryan Mallett is the starting quarterback):

"I think part of that is, you know, people look at that, the difference skill set of the quarterbacks with one guy running a little bit better than the other guy. To me it starts with making sure that you know the read of the play, that you know you understand where the ball is supposed to go almost as soon as the ball is snapped and many cases hopefully before the ball is snapped. That is one of the keys. To me, the other key is that you’re leading the protection, that you’re on the same page with the offensive line, that you’re getting everybody to the right guy, that you want to be picked up, the five guys, the six guys that you want protected. It’s more about that than it is about who is mobile, who’s not mobile. It’s more about that."

(on QB Ryan Mallett getting the ball out quickly enough when blitzed):

"I’ll tell you what, again, we’ll have to see how he is in the game, but in practice since the day he arrived here there has been a lot of improvement with that from his days when I was with him in New England, obviously he was only a rookie. To where he is now in practice, looks like the ball comes out with good timing and comes out and quick enough."

Injury Updates

(on an injury update and an update on CB Johnathan Joseph, who was in the NFL concussion protocol)

J-Joe (Joseph) was out there today and looked good. It looks like he’ll be ready to go. I would say most of the other guys that we talked about the other day are pretty much day to day, with the exception of Kareem Jackson.  I would say that Kareem Jackson probably would not play against Cleveland, but we’ll see how that goes during the week."


I think O'Brien gets better and better with the media each week, and he's doing an excellent job with leading the Texans in a turnaround season.  What are your thoughts as we turn our attention toward the upcoming game in Cleveland?

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