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Houston Texans Injury Report: Brian Cushing And Jadeveon Clowney Will Play Browns Sunday; Arian Foster Confirmed Out

Bill O'Brien says the Texans will welcome two of their starting linebackers back against the Browns on Sunday and says no decision has been made on the availability of Houston's star running back yet.

Bill O'Brien says we'll see this again on Sunday.
Bill O'Brien says we'll see this again on Sunday.
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Update (11/15/14): Arian Foster is now confirmed to be out. Rather than letting the speculation continue up until game time, the Texans have announced that their star running back is out with that groin injury we saw him suffer against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Updating an earlier post about Brian Cushing and Jadeveon Clowney participating in practice a couple of days ago, Houston Texans head coach Bill O'Brien says both Cushing and Clowney will play on Sunday in Cleveland.

With regard to Jayson Braddock's report that Arian Foster has been ruled out for Sunday's game, O'Brien refused to go that far, insisting that no determination on Foster's availability would be made until Sunday.

We'll post any additional updates as they're released.

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