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Aaron Rodgers and Some Other Guys are Playing...It's the Sunday Late Afternoon Games Thread

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Our Houston Texans played the vaunted Cleveland Browns earlier today, but that doesn't mean football is finished for the day.

The best QB in the game today takes on the Iggles and Mark Sanchez.
The best QB in the game today takes on the Iggles and Mark Sanchez.
Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

Instead, the late afternoon slate of games includes riveting matchups between Derek Carr and his band of lovable(?) losers and Philip Rivers and his lightning bolt buddies. We get to see fondly(?) remembered Texans like Antonio "the Ninja" Smith, and Matt Schaub, as they hope to avoid their 24th straight loss (OAK has lost 15 straight coming into this game, while Smith and Schaub carry with them the nightmare that was our season last year). But Philip Rivers and his bolo-tie are hoping to recapture some of their early-season magic and further discourage talk of the Raiders moving into their backyard. Spiro Dedes and Solomon Wilcots will be calling the game on CBS, viewable to a few lucky Texans fans on the West coast and in pockets scattered across the country.

Also playing this afternoon are the NFC West-leading Arizona Cardinals, minus their best QB but boasting Larry Fitzgerald, Patrick Peterson and Tyrann Mathieu, who host Megatron, Matthew Stafford, Ndamukong Suh, the man of many faces, Jim Caldwell, and the Detroit Lions. Chris Myers and Ronde Barber will assault your ears on Fox if you live on the West coast, Arizona, or most of Michigan.

Most of us, however, are fortunate that we get to watch the most talented QB in the league today, Aaron Rodgers, leading his cheese-eating, beer-drinking, brat-loving buddies against Mark Sanchez, Connor Barwin and the rest of Chip Kelly's Iggles. Will Clay Matthews' dominate at ILB two weeks in a row? Will Casey Matthews continue to be "not Clay Matthews" and "not DeMeco Ryans" as he gets himself benched for Emmanuel Acho two weeks in a row? Who knows, but I know I'm dying to find out. This must be Fox's game of the week, because Troy Aikman and Joe Buck will be calling it, to the "joy" of most of the rest of the country.

Of course, should you choose to spend the rest of the afternoon recapping the Texans game, you're among friends here, so feel free. Just remember to be nice to one another.