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2014 Week Eleven Infographic: Houston Texans vs. Cleveland Browns

Check out today's Infographic on BRB in advance of the Texans-Browns game in Week Eleven.

In a galaxy far, far away....Cleveland, Ohio. In a dark corner of FirstEnergy Stadium, three former padawans of Master Belichick finish a war that had begun years ago. Emperor Brady looked on as Brian Hoyer and Ryan Mallett battled to the death, with Tom Brady urging them on, "Let the hate flow through you." Hoyer, clad in brown armor and an orange helmet, Mallett in steel blue. The orange and blue lightsabers banged and hissed with each attack and deflect. Hoyer and Mallett traded mighty blows, each escaping the final blow. The duel spilled out on to the football field, and the battle raged on. The skirmish will be settled at high noon...


The X-est of X Factors is Ryan Mallett. No one, not even Brett, knows how this guy will perform. It could be a laughably bad offense without Foster if Mallett can't get anything going.


Johnny Manziel. Because he might get mighty confused looking at that long white line on the side of the field and get all twitchy.

Seriously though, it's gotta be Mallett, right? He's either going to prove Brett or Rivers right, which is really what's at stake here.


Alfred Blue. He ain't no Arian Foster, and that's a crying shame for Ryan Mallett.

Capt. Ron:

Alfred Blue: He needs to run like Secretariat, and pick up the blitz to protect Mallett for the Texans to have any chance of winning.


DeAndre Hopkins. He's had multiple moments already this season where you got the feeling that a QB with a stronger arm would have meant a TD. Now he's got that.

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