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Open Game Day Thread: Texans v. Browns, 3Q

A Texans QB just led an efficient, productive two-minute drive. Nothing makes sense right now.

Picture: Not Fitzpatrick
Picture: Not Fitzpatrick
Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

At halftime near the Cuyahoga River, your Houston Texans lead the Browns 14-7.  Ryan Mallet, since the interception by Joe Haden, has looked pretty darned good.  Were it not for J.J. Watt being so dominant that the Browns' special teams can't stop him from getting to the punter, the game might not even be this close.

Also, in other good news, it appears that Garrett Graham is, in fact, still alive.  WHO KNEW?!?!

Here's your thread for the penultimate quarter.  (Unless there's overtime, in which case, shut up with your revisionist critique, you hypothetical jerk.)