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Texans v. Browns: What Positives Did You Take Away From Yesterday's Game?

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In a game that gave Texans fans many reasons to be happy, let's chat about exactly what caught your eye in Cleveland yesterday.

There was a lot to love about yesterday's performance.
There was a lot to love about yesterday's performance.
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If yesterday wasn't the most complete performance the Houston Texans have put together under Bill O'Brien, it certainly is on a short list of candidates. With the up-and-down season the Texans have had thus far, we've naturally devoted a good deal of time to lamenting the Texans' shortcomings. In this post, however, I want to focus on the positives we saw in yesterday's win over the Browns in Cleveland. What stuck out to you?

I'll get the ball rolling.

1. Ryan Mallett looked very, very good. He clearly had a good command of the offensive scheme. For the most part, he made excellent decisions. I don't even have a problem with the interception he threw; Joe Haden simply made a great play, and I'm perfectly fine with asking DeAndre Hopkins to go up and make that catch.  It's safe to say Mallett exceeded my expectations. I don't really think you could have reasonably asked for any more from him yesterday.

2. Alfred Blue. Wow. I never thought he'd get that many carries in Arian Foster's place, and I never thought he'd be that productive with so many carries. Just a tremendous job.

3. Houston's offensive line. As Bill O'Brien said, that was the best game they've played all year.  Both their pass-blocking and their run-blocking was exceptional.

4. Brian Cushing. He looked like Brian Cushing and not the guy who was wearing No. 56 against the Steelers a few weeks ago.  Here's hoping his knee responds well going forward.

5. Mike Mohamed. Another sneaky good game.

6. Johnathan Joseph. Big plays and pass breakups at various points of the afternoon.

7. J.J. Watt. Always J.J. Watt.

Add to the list or weigh in with your thoughts on the players listed above in the Comments.