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Cleveland Browns Waive Former Texans Running Back Ben Tate

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Eight months ago, Ben Tate was an attractive free agent running back. He is again. Except maybe not "attractive." Read Battle Red Blog for more on the Browns waiving Ben Tate today.

Looking for work.
Looking for work.
Ron Schwane-USA TODAY Sports

Two days after he contributed two carries for negative nine yards in the Browns' loss to the Texans, Ben Tate has officially gone from prized free agent acquisition to the waiver wire:

Tate has been rather vocal about how unhappy he is with how things were working out for him in Cleveland; with Terrance West and Isaiah Crowell showing themselves to be capable running backs in their own right, it would seem the Browns simply decided Tate wasn't worth the trouble. It stands to reason that a running back needy team will put in a waiver claim on Tate, though it's possible the other 31 teams hold off in the hopes of securing Tate's services at a lesser contractual rate or simply because they don't want to bring a malcontent into the locker room.

Even with Arian Foster on the mend, Alfred Blue's presence virtually assures a return to Houston is not in the cards for the Texans' 2010 second round pick. That doesn't necessarily mean Tate won't come back to the AFC South, though.

How does Ben Tate, Indianapolis Colt, grab you?


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