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Open Game Day Thread: Houston Texans v. Philadelphia Eagles

Talk about the Week Nine game between the Houston Texans and Philadelphia Eagles as the game unfolds in real time in Battle Red Blog's open game day thread.

Limber up.
Limber up.
Bob Levey

You won't get the pleasure of watching Houston Texans football next week, so I suggest you cram two weeks of fandom into rooting for the good guys this afternoon. Leave it all out on the field in the Comments today; you get next week off, so you can recuperate then. As Duane Brown said earlier this week, there's a big difference between 5-4 and 4-5. We'll know soon enough which one the Texans are.

This is your first open thread for the Week Nine Battle Red Day tilt between your Houston Texans and the Eagles of Philadelphia. Here's to a great game and insightful commentary.

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