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2014 Week Nine Infographic: Houston Texans vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Check out today's Infographic on BRB in advance of the Texans-Eagles game in Week Nine.

A new creation from the makers of the Dazed and Confused with Zach Mettenberger, Bane Watt, The Battle of the Beards, Rhinestone Cowboy starring Tony Romo, The $100 Millon Battle on the Bayou, Little Giants 2.0, The Princess Bride starring Derek Carr, and Fitzmagic. A new entry in the zombie genre -The Walking Dead: Battle Red Edition.

Eastern Pennsylvania is struck by an epidemic called the "green-virus", the source of the virus appears to have come from Lincoln FInancial Field. The green-virus produces a jersey like material over the skin to form what looks like a uniform and turns the person inside into a lifeless beings that fans hardly recognize. It has has infected seven former Texans players: inside linebacker DeMeco Ryans, outside linebacker Connor Barwin, tight end James Casey, punter Donnie Jones, offensive lineman Andrew Gardner, wide receiver Jeff Maehl, and linebacker Bryan Braman.

The former Texans players have returned to a place that they once called home, NRG Stadium. There is only one man standing between these "green walkers" and the rest of Houston. Sheriff J.J. Watt is a freak of nature that survived the first wave of the green-virus and is now leading the charge against the green walkers. The final showdown is this Sunday, who will survive?

Brett Kollmann:

As always, Arian Foster. He literally IS the Texans offense. Without him, the Texans have probably one of the five worst records in the NFL.

They call him...Tim:

Mike Mohamed (or Brian Cushing, should he play). I don't expect Brian Cushing to suit up today, so Mohamed will need to have another good game in Cushing's absence to keep the Eagles from completely destroying the Texans in the short middle part of the field. If Cushing does play, he'll need to look more like Mike Mohamed against the Titans than Brian Cushing against the Steelers.

I am confident that last sentence is the most surreal thing I've ever written on BRB.


I'm happily playing LeSean McCoy in one of my fantasy leagues today because...yeah...those inside linebackers are somethin'. #NobodyCaresAboutYourFFLTeam

Capt. Ron:

Swearinger. He should be the spy on LeSean McCoy to keep him contained since I don't have faith in the inside linebackers. If he misses a tackle, McCoy will likely take it to the house. This game could get out of control early if our defense breaks down.

Matthew Weston:

Last night I watched Ole Miss against Auburn and witnessed horrible tackling in an entertaining NCAA game. This is expected from a bunch of "twenty-somethings" or "kids" not a professional football team. The Texans' defense tackles like they are wrapping up smoke not a physical bundle of cells. Shoulders, pull downs, and flailing because of a lack of speed has been seen game after game this year. If this same problem plagues them against McCoy, Cooper, Ertz, Sproles, Maclin, and Matthews in Chip Kelly's Saw death trap offense then Houston will lose by 14 if not more.

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