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Texans-Eagles Final Score: Eagles 31, Texans 21 - Post-Game Open Thread

That was uglier than Ryan Fitzpatrick's beard.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

You know what's worse than a 10-point loss at home?  I can think of at least six things:

  1. Ryan Fitzpatrick
  2. The Texans' secondary today
  3. Losing to Mark Sanchez. Ever. At anything.
  4. The NRG turf
  5. Watching guys like JJ Watt and Andre Johnson and Arian Foster play their hearts out on a team that feels a lot like you are watching the bridge of RMS Titanic on the evening of April 14, 1912
  6. A complete inability to tackle anyone

Honestly, for a game that was pretty close throughout, it never actually felt close.  Instead, it felt like we were seeing what happens when you have a team that can't even turn four turnovers and home-field advantage into anything resembling a consistent offense.  It felt like a team that is so thin in the secondary that losing one starting CB would have been difficult and losing both was an absolute dealbreaker.

And it all felt so eerily familiar, but not in a good way.  Not like a comfortable sweatshirt.  More like a chronic rash that flares up from time to time.


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