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Sponsored Post: If The Houston Texans Win The Rest Of Their Games, What Does The Headline Say?

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Because Marshall Faulk and GMC asked, let us call our shot and answer that query as it pertains to your Houston Texans.

If it happens, something tells me this guy will play a role.
If it happens, something tells me this guy will play a role.
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For Week 12, Marshall Faulk wants to know:

"When you’re GMC Professional Grade, you finish what you start. Let’s say your team finishes strong this season and wins EVERY single game left.  How does it happen? And what does it mean? Do you believe that your team can make it happen?"

What does the headline say?

It should say this: "J.J. Watt Named NFL MVP."

How does it happen?

For the Texans to win the rest of their games, they have to play disciplined and balanced football in all three phases of the game.  They need Ryan Mallett, Arian Foster, Alfred Blue and the offensive line to continue to play at a high level by dominating the clock through sustained drives that lead to more touchdowns than field goals or punts.  They need the secondary to avoid giving up big plays.  They need J.J. Watt, Brian Cushing, Jadeveon Clowney, and Whitney Mercilus to stop the run and create pressure on quarterbacks.

What does it mean?

It means the Texans would likely win the AFC South Championship.  The Colts lost their best running back when Ahmad Bradshaw was put on I/R with a broken leg after their loss to the Patriots.  Indy's one-dimensional passing offense is quite lethal with Andrew Luck and T.Y. Hilton, but teams have figured out how to minimize them to expose weaknesses in the rest of their game.  The Texans could end up having a stronger roster than the Colts in this final stretch of the regular season and replace them as the division leader in the end.

Do you believe that your team can make it happen?

I think it is incredibly hard to win games in the NFL every week.  A seven-game winning streak to end the season is very difficult; teams are stepping up their game at this point of the year for the final thrust into the playoffs.  Teams also have more film to study and prepare against opponents, but that might be where the Texans have some advantages.

Through the first nine games, it appeared that the Houston offense and defense were not fully utilizing the playbook as the players were still learning the new schemes.  With Ryan Fitzpatrick at quarterback, it also looked like play-calling was somewhat limited.  With Ryan Mallett under center, and with the offensive players more comfortable in the new system, the playbook should provide more wrinkles going forward.

The Texans are doing relatively well on the injury front, especially once Kareem Jackson and Arian Foster return to the lineup.  With Brian Cushing and Jadeveon Clowney back, the defense has stronger talent to rotate in to create havoc for opposing offenses.  The timing of all of this could greatly benefit the Texans to surge through this final stretch and win their next six games.

The three toughest games left on this schedule are this week's against the Bengals, then at Indy in Week 15, and then returning home to host the Ravens.  The Titans are playing nasty, physical defense, but they are certainly beatable if the Texans play up-tempo and don't make mistakes.  Playing the Jaguars twice should be a pair of automatic wins, but there really is no such thing in the NFL.  Division rivals always bring something extra to the tilt, and the Jaguars have a long history of stepping it up against Houston.

There are six games left, but 1-0 is the focus and goal each week.  Yes, I think it can happen.  Right now I'd give it a 15% chance.  If Houston beats the Bengals soundly this week, I'll move that to a 30% chance.  If they find a way to scrape by to defeat the Colts for Week 15, I'd move that chance to 85% to win their final two games.  The momentum carrying them out of a first-ever win on the road in Indy should help them roll the Ravens and then the Jaguars in front of a frenzied crowd at NRG Stadium.


What say you, BRB?  Jump into the conversation to share your thoughts on this wild speculation of an incredible finish to the 2014 regular season.

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