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Thursday Night Football Open Thread: Kansas City Chiefs at Oakland Raiders

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Join us for witty banter as the Kansas City Chiefs (7-3) visit the Oakland Raiders (0-10) in a prime time AFC West matchup.

Dear brother David, I know now why you cry!
Dear brother David, I know now why you cry!
Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

At least it's a division game?  I can't muster much of a sell for this one as the pathetic, putrid, hapless (and winless) Oakland Raiders (0-10) host the Kansas City Chiefs (7-3).  The Chiefs, as a team, have exactly zero touchdown passes to wide receivers in 2014.  The Raiders are DFL in the NFL in points scored, with a paltry 152.

Do I have you convinced yet?  I thought not.  If nothing else, you can hope for the Raiders to take down a potential Wild Card team if you're of the belief the Texans still have a legitimate playoff shot.

Enjoy the game (at least while it's competitive) and feel free to discuss in the comments below.