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Arian Foster Injury Update: Foster Misses Practice, Unlikely to Play Against Bengals

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The Texans may be looking for Alfred Blue to shoulder the load again this Sunday, as Arian Foster missed Friday's practice.

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Alfred Blue delivered a strong performance last week in Cleveland with 156 yards on a franchise record 36 carries.  Jonathan Grimes backed up Blue with 13 carries for 54 yards rushing.  Both of these players may need to tote the rock again if Arian Foster is unable to suit-up for the game.

Sports Radio 610 is reporting:

When asked if there was anything new to report on Foster’s status, O’Brien simply replied, "No."

When Foster was asked directly if he would be able to ready to go this weekend, he said, "I’ll do my best."

Foster did not practice again Friday, and is listed as questionable.  Friday practice is usually the biggest indicator of whether a player will play, and with Arian getting a DNP, it’s appearing more and more likely that he will not play.

Earlier this week, Dr. Kenneth First joined SR610 and shared his concerns about Foster's groin injury.  Dr. First is not a Texans' team doctor, but he is an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in sports medicine and regularly calls in to share his opinion.

He had this to say when he called into Sports Radio 610:

"I’m just gonna tell you, the groin pull is probably worse than the hamstring in terms of knowing when an athlete is ready," First said.

The issue, First said, is the nature of the job of an NFL running back, who is forced to make sudden, sharp cuts in all different directions all the time.

"For a hamstring to be reaggravated, you almost have to overextend, but a groin can go at any time," he said.

"It’s really a difficult injury," First said. "I don’t care how many MRIs you get and how many tests you pass, you can’t say."

"If he tears it again, six games left, I think school’s out," he said.

Based on that expert opinion, and the fact that Foster missed practice today, I think it is very likely that he is inactive on Sunday.  That might be for the best to ensure Foster fully recovers before getting back onto the field, especially if Houston makes a run for the playoffs, where Foster's talent will be needed for the Texans to advance.

Share your fears and concerns below and be sure to create some "Luv Ya Blue 2.0" t-shirts and signs to inspire young Alfred to keep charging forth with confidence.

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