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Sunday Night Football Open Thread: Cowboys v. Giants

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The long-standing rivalry between these two NFC East teams ignites tonight at MetLife Stadium. Talk Sunday Night Football on Battle Red Blog in this open thread.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Heading into this weekend, the Cowboys and the Eagles are both 7-3, with identical 4-3 conference records.  Philly has a slight edge in leading the NFC East with a 2-0 division record, whereas Dallas is 1-1 in the division.

Meanwhile, the New York Giants are floundering this season with a 3-7 record.  The only reason they are not in last place is because they beat that team from Washington, which started the weekend with a similar 3-7 record and a 1-2 division record.  The New York area suffers with two terrible NFL teams, as the Jets are sitting at 2-8 on the season.  It's good to live in Texas! shows these comparative stats:

By all measures, this could be a blowout before halftime with DeMarco Murray running through New York.  Murray is crushing the NFL with 244 carries for 1,233 yards rushing (5.1 avg.) and 7 touchdowns so far this season.

Then again, the Raiders just got their first win of the year by beating the Chiefs in the latest Monday Night Football game, so the "Any Given Sunday" adage lives on.  That just proves that division rivalries often bring out a team's best effort.  There's a chance this might be a good game after all.

Which quarterback will you laugh at the most tonight?  Will Tony Romo do something GIF-worthy?  Will we see Eli Manning make his patented facial expression?  Pull up your favorite seat and let's find out.  The usual rules apply.  The floor is yours.