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2014 Week Twelve Infographic: Houston Texans vs. Cincinnati Bengals

Check out today's Infographic on BRB in advance of the Texans-Bengals game in Week Twelve.

Andy Dalton played high school football at Katy High School and college football at TCU. It's not a stretch to think games in Houston are something special for the Bengals' signal caller. But NRG Stadium has been Andy's personal House of Horrors. Andy and the Bengals have lost two playoffs games in Houston, and Dalton is still looking for his first career win against the Texans. What will happen this time around?


Andy Dalton. If the guy who destroyed the Saints last week shows up, the Texans' chances of winning dim considerably. If the guy who typically appears for Houston-Cincinnati games shows up, the Texans are in exceptionally good shape this afternoon.


AJ Green has been a huge difference-maker for Cincy. With Kareem out for a while and DJ Swearinger's brain out for the season with no timetable to return, the Bengals could be in a position to put up big numbers in the passing game.

Capt. Ron:

J.J. Watt needs to dominate this game to ensure the "good" version of Andy Dalton doesn't get let out of the bottle at NRG. He will also need to lead the defense to stop Giovani Bernard and Jeremy Hill. Maybe, just maybe, Watt can inspire Clowney to do something stat-tacular today as well.


Andy Dalton. The pride of Katy hasn't exactly shown up well against JJ Watt, and - AJ Green or not - early struggles in this game could make for a long day for the ginger.

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