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If Ryan Mallett Has To Miss Time, Should The Texans Start Ryan Fitzpatrick Or Tom Savage?

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In the wake of Ryan Mallett's reported injury, the Houston Texans may have to make yet another change at QB. Who should it be? Vote and explain your reasoning.

This?  Or Fitzpatrick?
This? Or Fitzpatrick?
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

We should learn the extent of Ryan Mallett's pectoral injury later today. Speculation is that Mallett will miss some appreciable amount of time; whether it's a single game, multiple games, or the remainder of the 2014 season is not yet known.

Assume with me that Mallett is in fact ruled out for Sunday's game against the Titans. Who should the Houston Texans start at quarterback this week if Mallett is unavailable? Should they turn again to Ryan Fitzpatrick, or should they see what Tom Savage has got?

Vote in the poll below and kindly explain your logic in the Comments.

UPDATE: It's no longer speculation. Ryan Mallett is out for the season.

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